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Is a Geezer Geek Welcome Here?

Ahr Aitch

New member
I don't think I introduced myself here. If I did, my apologies for asking you to suffer reading it again.
I'm 81 yo and retired after a career in IT that started in the mid-60s when punched cards were king. I started as a mainframe computer operator in a bank and proceeded to operations manager, programmer, systems analyst, project manager, and at the end of my career as CIO for a multi-state bank. I haven't written code in a very long time, except for creating a web site for my high school class ('60) about 15 years ago using CSS, HTML, and js. I have about forgotten all I learned during that process and quite a few things have changed; so I feel like I'm starting all over from scratch. There's been some good things added to both HTML and CSS, imo. The web has a lot more resources than it had back then, but I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Not all the information is current and some of it is downright bad.
Anyway, thanks for reading this. Wish me luck as I try to create a web page for my parent's rather large family and all their descendants.
I'm certain to show up here with dumb questions from time to to time; so please be patient. The old brain cells aren't as good as they once were.