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Form with xml as dropdown source


New member
Good afternoon all.

I am trying to make a form that will do a couple of functions.
1. Dropdown box using xml file (file1-PDC_InstrExport2.xml) as source (exported from database) - Completed
2. Trying, forever trying to once the dropdown box has selected something I want to fill 2 other textboxes with information from the selected dropdown - I am stumped!
3. Finally look at another xml file (file2-PDC_InstrExport1.xml) to breakdown the selected Item into a table on the form something like attached (Instructor Entry.jpg)
4. The Instructor Entry.jpg is what I eventually want the form to look like and it will be living purely on our intranet
5. There is more to do to the form but this will suffice if anyone can assist would be much appreciated


  • Instructor Entry.jpg
    Instructor Entry.jpg
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  • PDC_InstrExport1_xlm.txt
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