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Help with Contact Form


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This is my 1st time doing this. I'm taking over a website for a relative of mine who previously used GoDaddy to build the website.
He has a Contact form setup and it emails the info to him when the user clicks Submit.
I've never done this. I see my DreamWeaver program has this option available.
I set it up with the fields & the button, but when clicked, nothing happens.
Are you building it now on dream weaver? You view your website on view. But first you need to publish it. So every one sees it on the internet. But set everything up first. In DreamWeaver then save it. View it. Then publish it. You can edit it any time. Where it says publish ? Press that button.

Is there a code number with the Dream Weaver program? Used once which was on some one else's computer. You may have to call the local administrator where you live to explain why is it you are taking over another program. If they allow it, he or she will give you another code with that program. So you'll not spend too much money on the program. Talk to them. Network administrator in your area. They will know this.
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yes, i built it with dreamweaver.
i know how to publish a website.
that is not at all what a network administrator does. i use to be a network admin for 4 years. that's not even close.
you're thinking of a site administrator.
Why not? And where was this work at? All they are going to do is give you a code to use on the Dream Weaver and it overrides every thing on it and run it again. To use. They do this in Java.

Anyway, what's your story with a Rebuttal? This HTML thing is easy. Just got to study. You're not interested in HTML? Or do.
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Network admins are responsible for programing switching and routers, repairing and terminating cables, etc. They don't do anything with website design.
It's not rebuttal, it's a definition. And just telling me to look somewhere else is not helpful.
If I wasn't interested, I would not be here.