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Favourite websites?

YouTube is definitely one of my favorites. Of course, Facebook where I get to see the latest news, both locally and abroad shared by "friends" and news coming from them too, personal and otherwise. I also like to visit Lifesite website and the other conservative religious websites out there EWTN where I used to hear mass almost everyday via cable tv until my subscription was finally stopped. Now I watch Raymond Arroyo's World Over very weekend. Actually there are other good sites still undiscovered and perhaps I can get to see them soon.
My favorite website is Youtube. If you want to learn and improve new skills, learn reviews of just anything you want to know, you could just browse anything that you want to learn from Youtube.
Reddit. The most famous and well active news website on the internet. It also entertains me sometimes with the subreddits. It's fun can't stop visiting it.
I used to frequent Hackforums and built up around 18,000 posts there, in my time. The site has changed a little too much now and I don't feel it is what it once was. I don't really surf the net unless I am researching something for my work.
If I answered this at the time of posting, I would have probably said ClixSense or ClickGrid because I firmly believed they would have made me money. I don't surf a lot these days, so I'll go for the standard and say 'Google'.
Below are the websites that I visit daily. They are ;
Starlight Baby
Bleachers Report
I'm a big fan of GameRant. It's one of the gaming website where I get so many articles to read on games and they are always very informative.
It would have to be Facebook that is the website that I visit on daily basis because there are so many pages that I follow to get business ideas to use for my fashion business which is very important to me. I also visit pages on Instagram through which are also related to function as well on daily basis.