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Favourite websites?

I like to write, so I'm always browsing through Google News to check out the latest in a niche of my choice. For example, I do get ideas to post on forums and write articles based on research information gathered from the latest news section.
I like to visit blog sites specially blogger. There are so many blogs there that you can learn with. I also have an account in blogger and I've posted two blogs.
I waste a lot of my downtime on reddit and just constantly checking the front page there. I also frequently visit Youtube to watch videos of my subscriptions.
My favorite websites are google and youtube.:love: The Millennial age is the most fortunate generation when it comes to accessibility of knowledge and understanding of things in this world. In just one click of their fingers, answers from the least to the most important questions in life will be solved. This is true! I didn't learn much in school back then. I am just thankful for the evolution of technology now where I can educate myself anytime, anywhere. I'm always proud to say that I have Masters in Google and Doctorate in Youtube. ;)
For me I think the YouTube, I really love to watch movies, the old movies, and funny videos. YouTube is my choice for that. I love to watch some documentaries also and that site has plenty of Documentary movies. People who posting nonsense but funny videos are also one of my favorite there.
There's actually not that many websites that I visit regularly, to be honest. Most of the time, I would probably be just browsing through a few different forums, my own blog (which is about making money online) and Reddit. I don't want to include what actual forums and sites that I use other than the social networks because I'm not sure if we are actually allowed to advertise and whether this would count as advertising really.

I visit BBC Sport from time to time as well just to keep up on the latest football news.
I'm a big fan of Reddit, but lately it's been putting a sour taste in my mouth because I think the age demographic is changing to a much younger crowd, along with all of the politically motivated moderation that has been happening lately. Other than that, I mostly just use Youtube for entertainment and look for websites that offer free online courses. I use social media to help grow my brand and that's about it.
I'm addicted to music and K-Pop so I always open YouTube. I actually open it the first when I open my browser and I'll just keep the tab while the music's playing as I multi-task with other websites. I also find YouTube one of the fastest websites right now. Maybe because a lot of people is using it, or I don't know but based on my observation YouTube is one of the fastest popular websites right now.
YOUTUBE, I have been always a fan of this website because it i very entertaining and I leaned many things through Youtube. Other than that it also has the answer to almost everything that I am searching. It is also very popular around the world that I am able to see people from other country, about their culture, the news from other nation, school related videos and other stuffs.
They are the international news websites, YouTube channels, forums, my own blogs, and channels. I find them useful I also frequently use websites for creating videos, word counter, and weather forecast website.
I like Coursera - this website gives a nice opportunity to get the education, enroll various courses and read lectures from teachers of the best universities around the world.
I do not use social media networks for rest, I open them only for promoting my blogs and channels.
Every day I spend 10-15 minutes on a website that improves my brain's work.
My favorite website is Youtube. I can watch all sorts of videos that I like for free. Usually I watch video tutorials. I have learned a lot from those stuff. I can consider myself as doctorate in Youtube already. Most of my self learning comes from these one click away videos.
I visit Youtube on a daily basis, and it's my favorite website. There is just so much content available there. I like watching prank videos the most!
I'm a big fan of Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook. I visit those sites daily to get updated news. I also spend a lot of time watching shows in Netflix every day. :)
I always visit Youtube, everyday, every hour. I am just addicted watching vloggers and videos about the game I played. Whenever I wake up early in the morning, I visit all Youtubers first and look if there are new videos in their accounts.
Yeah, It's Youtube! I always have something to do with regards to browsing the web. I also visit some websites of free movies to watch and there are tons of them over the net like putlocker website. Youtube on the other hand is addictive. It makes me watch over and over some mixed stuff. It's like branches of a tree where you plan to watch just one video then you scroll down a bit and found something interesting to play next. The next thing you'll now its already 4am and you still go on.
of course youtube, well this site tops everything I visit. other than google where I ask everything I want to know or look for direction.
I guess i find youtube very helpful not just for entertainment but also good learning material.
Just one search you might find anything that you want to learn or even practice, other than entertainment of course.
Other than this two would be manga sites and anime sites.
As an artist and a photographer, I always visit Instagram because it has grown to be one of the most popular social networks for photo sharing that the mobile web has ever seen. It's the ultimate social network for sharing real-time photos and short videos while on the go.
YouTube for me, i still think the most flexible site there is today. The vast uses of YouTube is what i think the highest factor why people are so enticed into it. Along with entertainment you can also use YouTube as means of business.