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Favorite Link-Building Technique?

What do you guys see as your favorite link-building technique? I personally believe that social bookmarks have the most weight right now, I have seen some very good results with bookmarks. However I'm hearing now that a lot of people think they don't really do that much anymore. What do you think?


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It does seem that recent Google algorithm tweaks mean that Google is now more fussy about links. Not long ago, all links (except for the excessively spammy ones) were good links. Now it's possible to be penalised for too many links with the same anchor text and social media posts are having a bigger impact. Google is trying to build an algorithm where organic links (where others link to your content because they think it is good) are the ones that send you "link juice". Most link building techniques are "spammy" to a greater or lesser extent.

If someone has a good link building method, I hope they'll posy it here. Free directories, Squidoo lenses, etc. seem to be nearly useless, and even potentailly damaging, for SEO purposes these days.
Mine favorite link building technique is Link wheel it is the newest SEO backlinks building method that involves creating multiple blogs on multiple diverse site and interlinking them in a wheel. You can create the content and site and also giving you complete control of the niche of the site links are coming from no matter which that happens off your site is known as offsite SEO, and because links are coming from another site to your site, a link wheel is an offset technique.
The most effective of all is to write the best content available in your niche, that way everyone will want to link to you for free. It's what Google says to do in their guidelines and it works!