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Clients from Hell?


I assume most of you are familiar with the Clients from Hell site. So, any horror stories doing development for companies or individuals?
Nobody's done anything here yet? I'll start.

I was trying to get paid from a certain client, who said he couldn't pay me right then because he was out of town. I ended up complaining about it to a friend of mine, who said he'd buy me a drink at a bar downtown. We head down there, walk into our favorite bar...and who do we see watching the football game with a dozen of his buddies? My "out of town" client. He saw me, I saw him, it was really awkward. I decided not to say anything, just gave him a nod and sat down with my friend with a pitcher. Not 15 minutes later my client comes up to me, tries to make awkward small talk and hands me a check for the full amount plus a little extra.

Needless to say, never worked for him again. I got plenty more if you want to hear.
Well, not exactly from Hell, but I could have done without such clients. I met him when I was running my own computer shop. He brought in a computer which couldn't boot up properly. I took it apart and put it back together again. This time, the computer died completely. He demanded that I make his computer work again. I told him the truth which was that his computer was already very well past its working life, going by the components I saw in it. He took it very hard and kept coming round to my shop every few days hoping I could perform some kind of miracle.
This is my very first time of hearing about this site called Clients from Hell. I'm not sure if I would be interested in looking them up. The name is a complete turn off for me.