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Are you buying iPhone 14?


Everyone is hyped about the new iPhone 14. Are you going to purchase it or do you feel that it's too expensive? I don't think that I would be interested in buying it. It's more expensive than 1 Ethereum.


I have iPhone 13 and it's still very good. I would probably not bother with getting iPhone 14 but if I eventually decide to get it, I will be swapping it with my iPhone 13.


New member
If I have the money to purchase the new iPhone 14, I think I am going to buy it because it looks like a very interesting smartphone. It is just too expensive for me to afford it right now.


As far as I'm concerned, iPhone 13 Pro Max is still a very good iPhone product. If my own isn't giving me any issues, I'll not bother with getting iPhone 14 Pro Max now.


The new iPhone 14 Pro Max is incredible. I would like to purchase the smartphone soon. I need at least extra $600 to complete my money for it.


I didn't get the iPhone 13 when it came out so I might just get the iPhone 14 instead, I like how sleek it looks though but it's surprisingly a lot heavier than i thought it is.


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If you ask me, I would tell you that iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth buying if you have the money to buy. It's cost over $1300, so it's not a cheap smartphone to buy.


I wouldn't love to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max but it's not been very long I purchased iPhone 13 Pro Max. It's still very good for me. Maybe I would get iPhone 15 Pro Max when it comes out.


To be very honest, buying iPhone 14 is completely out of my league now. I wouldn't be able to afford it even if I decide to save for it the whole year. I have a lot of other pressing needs that needs my money more than the iPhone.


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I'm not sure if I need to upgrade to iPhone 14 now but even if I'm going to do it, it's the 14 Pro Max that I have in mind. But before that, I'm still very good with my 13 Pro Max as it's still very good.


Yes of course, I have already purchased iPhone 14 Pro Max. I couldn't be left out from using the phone. Apple is already working on iPhone 15. I'm not sure if I would buy it.


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