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Anyone familiar with Ebook Maestro?


New member
I purchased a copy of this program and the instructions are wanting, to say the least.

When Kindle hit the scene, all the indie authors stopped creating their own ebooks. the message boards went dead that year. The thing is, kindle really rips us authors off badly. 65% of the royalties. I even saw my first book listed as being sold used, even though I'd sold none yet.

Anyway, this program is an .exe file. A reader that a customer downloads to read an authors book without involving any 3rd party sellers, digital downloaders and so forth. But it's very difficult to understand the instructions. I see the company was based out of russia and I get no replies to questions., There are a couple other ebook makers and it's owners dont even reply to sales questions.

The first step is to turn a book into a website, which I took the time to learn enough about to do.

Next comes filling out info and uploading certain files in certain places. Here is where I'm stuck.

I tried loading different files in each of the 4 folders. Every time I did and hit compose, the result was a blank page. There are different templates for how the book looks and works. Different button choices. The instruction's dont really tell how to go about it. An d it's particularly hard when You cant see the results of your efforts. Between that and the lack of interest these days, no wonder the paid version is so inexpensive. It has a lot of great features including my ability to set a password for the customer to cut down on sharing. It's really ugly, like windows 98 windows ugly, but it has a css file, so I know I can make it look nice.

Some help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated. In fact, the books I want to use this for are a series of phonics learning books. If someone out there has kids or relatives with kids, I'd be willing to give you a copy of each book for your efforts. There's an alphabet book, a 6 part phonics series and a first reader book. The program is Ebook Maestro and there's a free version. The free version, you cant send to people, sell books with. here's an example of one of my books.


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