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Advises about Web development?


Becoming a web developer is never a piece of cake, it requires a lot of skills and dedication to what you are doing in order for you to succeed. Nowadays, there are already many products and outputs of web development that we are able to look at everyday. For you, what advises can you suggest for aspiring web developer in the future?
I would think that an important trait to have in today's market is diversity. It seems it is not enough these days to specialize in one field and use that as your selling point. Obviously with web development HTML is a great starting point, but I would urge developers to think about what sets them apart from others who also bring HTML to the table.

I also think that many aspiring developers focus too heavily on technical features of their skill set, and not the combination of creativity and critical thinking that is such a staple in the mind of a programmer. If I were looking for developers to add to a team, I would want to know what they do outside of programming, why they do it, and why they think that sets them apart from the rest of the candidates.
I want be expert regarding with this kind of job. I see in some freelancing sites that they hire web developers and the payment is very decent. I also see this job as a cool job. I have a little bit of knowledge in web development but I want to know more so that I can design my own website someday.
I'll advise them to never stop learning. What you know right now may or may not matter in the coming years because new technology always replaces the outdated ones. Aspiring devs should also use what they know because you lose skills that you don't use or improve.
vpatella summed it up pretty well, to be honest. Diversifying what you can do is extremely important. I think you just cannot specialise in one area anymore because it just won't work out well in the future. What is popular and doing well now could be outdated and old the next day. By diversifying what you can do, it allows you to be able to move from job to another without any problems and without needing any time to settle etc. Especially with web development, by knowing and being able to do a lot of different things you can do a wide range of things for your clients which can also result in a lot more income for you!
Yup, we really should spread our skills in IT because in some areas there aren't a lot of job positions for a specific industry like computer networks. You have to know pretty much the basics of everything so you can adapt to what job offers your city has available.
We have to remember that a good content on the website is what makes the difference, this is very important, so should be given much attention, it is important to have good tools to achieve this, at the moment there are different web developers with that may be counted as free of charge, the important thing is to work with which you feel comfortable, to achieve a good content on our page. :giggle::giggle:
When it comes to web development, you will always start with learning HTML because it is used for creating the basic structure of a website. If you are just new, learn one skill and be proficient enough before learning another. If you think you are already good at HTML, make your web look professional by learning CSS, then add interactivity with JavasScript. I believe HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the three essential skills to make your design look great. Then you have to choose scripting language or other programming languages that would allow you to interact with the database. Learn the fundamentals of scripting or web programming before embarking on different web frameworks. Having a solid foundation of a particular scripting or web programming languages allows you to understand easily different web development frameworks and allows you to make modifications or make customization if the feature that you need is not available on the framework. Keep on learning and stay updated on the new web development tools.