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Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects


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Any of you guys use Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Adobe After Effects? I picked up both them for cheap using the student license and they are pretty fun to mess around with. I've done some various tutorials on both of them and it's pretty cool what you can do to videos. Recently I've been doing some tutorials over at Video Copilot, they have so many awesome things you can do with After Effects I feel like a Hollywood producer using CGI. Of course my projects are pretty sloppy when compared to movies, but it's a cool thing that I do on my free time.


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I've used After Effects for a couple of projects now, and yeah the Video Copilot are the best tutorials I've found also. If I ever did more I've told my self that I would learn Premiere Pro but at the moment I know Sony Vegas Pro really well and go back and forth between Vegas and After Effects. I would save so much time if I was going back and forth between Premiere and After Effects I know, just one click, but just stuck on Vegas for its ease of use.

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I know how to use Premiere, and I've been using it for all my movie projects ever since, even if there's probably a lot more simpler options out there right now. As for After Effects, I've actually been looking into it recently, and I've been wanting to mess around with it myself, and hearing about your experience just convinces me even more.