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Recent content by apriapism

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    Request for a tutorial

    Thank god, I've been looking for help on this for a while now.
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    What do you do to advertise your site?

    Mostly sharing with friends, sharing on social media websites, and placing links in signatures where I feel it isn't restricted.
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    What would you not do for revenue?

    I try to avoid putting ads on every inch of my website. I try to keep the limit to 2 per page and no more than that. I've seen sites that have had up to 8 and I think it's sort of tachy.
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    Recycled graphic effects

    I usually do use a couple of recycled designs. But for the most past I try to look up tutorials and follow them. That second 3D one looks really great.
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    Where do you get your tutorials

    Where do you learn to use photoshop, or your editing program to it's best abilities? I for one am a huge fan of youtube tutorials, they are much easier to follow.
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    For some sites I feel a simple design works just fine. But if it's a site that should attract someone through looks then I feel they should put more time into their sites layout. I for own am into a more flashy layout rather than simplistic, since it works both ways.
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    What web hosting services to use?

    Thanks for all the recommendations, I'm going to looks into them all!
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    Illustrator or Photoshop?

    I like to use photoshop, I've never tried illustrator, but I thought it was only for vectors.
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    Where did you find HTML?

    I know what you mean, mine looks absolutely horrible compared to what we can do now. Kind of embarrassing actually. haha
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    Dreamweaver any good?

    Sounds promising, I think I'll take a look into it. thanks.
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    Theoretically designing a site from the ground up

    The idea first, what I'm interested in basing the site around. Then I'd brainstorm from there.
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    Do you allow HTML editing in forum posts?

    I've never giving my users that option before. I'd maybe consider giving it a try sometime.
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    Can You Tell When People are Lying?

    I am usually good at telling when people are lying. But that's only cause I catch the people who are lying. I have no idea how many people have been lying to me. :P
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    I have heard of it. I heard it's pretty good for vectors. Not to mention it's free! Can't get any better than that. But I agree the interface looks really basic to me, but not that it's a problem.
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    What version of Photoshop are you currently using?

    hah! Just got myself CS6. I must admit, it's quite amazing, it's a huge change from the CS4 I was using I can say that for sure.