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What version of Photoshop are you currently using?

I am currently using CS6 Extended and up to now, I really dont know what is the difference with the basic CS6, and even I dont notice any real difference between CS6 and CS3 except for the new interface and color. I have never explored much of the functions as I rely mostly on tutorials when I create graphics, which I dont do much often unless its badly needed, and I tend to forget the terms and functions after that.
I use CS5 Extended and might eventually upgrade to CS6, if the price ever comes down. I have no interest in the Creative Cloud, because I disagree with the pricing model. I try to avoid monthly recurring costs as much as possible. CS5 Extended does so much that I feel like I barely have scratched the surface. One thing I will say about the "Extended" version is that it is necessary if you use Photoshop for doing any animation work. Both animated Gifs and longer films are only possible with the animation timeline, which I believe is only available in the extended version of Photoshop.
I used CS5 at college a lot. I've looked at CS6 but i really don't like the interface on it! I then use CS3 at home and it works brilliantly for what i want it to do.
I just used Adobe Photoshop CS6 extended earlier this week! It was the thing that I totally expected. I used the CS4 but it didn't really helped me that much in terms of making my designs complex. I also used Corel Draw but I prefer Photoshop. It really depends on your preference. If you wish to compare them, i recommend trying them all out first.
I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Some of the features are Adobe portfolio, content-aware tool cropping, export improvements and capabilities, selection and masking space and Updated libraries panel functionality and integration.
What I am currently using is Adobe Photoshop CS6. I tried lower versions before and I think there's not much big of a change. Still I watch tutorials on youtube on how-to's about Photoshop and other tools. So far it suites my needs and I'm satisfied using it when it comes to photo editing and animation. I guess there's no plan on upgrading yet.
I use CS5; it is just what I need to give by design the structure and beauty I have always desired. The lower versions didn't quite do much when I had them. I am looking forward to upgrading to CS6 soon.
I was introduced to photoshop with CS2 in 2007. This version of photoshop was released in 2005. Then Imoved to CS3 and CS4 Extended. Now I am using Photoshop CS6. I have always wanted to try CC version however, I have never upgraded to CC version
My opinion is that Photoshop and Adobe are the best, especially because you are always upgrading, makes it off very easily while connected on the internet, in my case to use Adobe's really me greatly facilitates when I want to do Photoshop for any image.;);)
It's also currently Photoshop 20.0.7 that I'm making use of. I don't have any plans to upgrade from it because I'm not doing much with the software now.
I was using CS5 until I upgraded to CS6. Since then I have been on CS6 and I am not planning to change it because it has offered me a variety of design tools and features.
I was using CS5 until I upgraded to CS6. Since then I have been on CS6 and I am not planning to change it because it has offered me a variety of design tools and features.