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What should I write in exam about HTML?


New member
Pretty weird question to ask. But I am self studying for an exam. No teacher support or anything. This is the syllabus
3. WWW Technology, HTML DHTML, WML, XML
  1. HTTP, Web Servers and Web Access
  2. Universal naming with URLs
  3. WWW Technology, HTML DHTML, WML, XML
  4. Tools WYS/WYG, Authoring Tools
  5. Helper applications: CGI, PERL, AVA, AVA SRIPTS, PHP, ASP. NEI Applications
  6. Introduction to AJAX (Programming)
  7. Bbrowser as a rendering engine text, HTML, gif and jpeg
From this chapter i.e from topics 1 to 7, we get 10+5 marks question in exams. Total marks of exam is 80.
And if they ask to write about HTML it will most likely be asked for 5 marks.
My book is stupid. It just writes the full form of HTML. Tells
1) it is used to create websites.
2) you can use it with js and css.
3) web browsers can decipher html and render it.
And that's it lol. It is done. There is no world where this is going to give you even 2 marks.
What are the most crucial parts of HTML that I should include in answer.
Please keep in mind that it is impossible for me to study all of html and be a pro in it as we aren given a very strict deadline and there are many remaining topics to finish.
I hear about html tags and stuffs., But I am not sure what is the most important thing in html.
Explain about the meaning of html, give the basic information on what you know about it. Write html code with correct syntax, keep your answers to be brief and on point. Learn also to use diagrams to illustrate the answers.