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What kind of music do you listen to?


I'm actually a person who get easily bored and music is one of the things that brings back my energy in a very boring or tiring day. I actually read/study/write while listening to music and I find it very helpful. The genre of music that I always listen to whenever I'm studying are Ballads and Classical Music, but when I'm bored I listen to HipHop and Pop.
How about you? What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to all kinds of music - mainly alternative/rock but I also listen to other genre occasionally, Classical to help me relax/study, hip hop and pop when working out or just for a nice change in pace of music.
I listen to everything which my husband listens to. He likes music, while I am rather indifferent. It is usually pop and hip-hop. I like some rap songs and club music, but I am very bad at remembering or recognizing celebrities, actors, and singers.
I like some popular tracks, but I am sure that the best music was created in the 2000s.
We watch English songs on YouTube. As for now, our favorite song is Coldplay/Chainsmokers - Something like this. We listen to music several times a week while working and having dinner.
I like listening to upbeat and pop musics because it makes my blood flow better. Specially when I'm working out, it pumps my body more. I feel more power and more motivated when I listen to these kind of musics.
I love listening to music because it somehow relaxes or take away the negativity and sometimes it helps me to bring out my inside feelings. I love listening to classical, country, R&B, and pop music. Actually I listen to different kinds of songs according to my mood or to what I feel. Every morning I listen to pop music or anything that is up beat to wake me up and at night I listen to slow rock or classical so that I can sleep easily.
I love to listen to 90's rock and alternative songs. Actually most of the songs in my playlist coming from that era. Every day going to work, I used to listen to this kind of songs just to ignore the people around me. and looks like I'm also in my comfort zone.
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I really love music because it means so much to me, I can't really live without it because it makes me feel motivated to do things around me. Most of the time I am listening to some love songs because they are good to ears and very entertaining. I really like to hear love songs whenever I am at work or before I go to bed because it gives me the feeling of calmness and peace of mind for the day.
I also love to listen to some flute music. It helps me to get relax also. The flute songs from Leo Rojas used to be my background music if I do meditating. it helps to connect to my mind and environment. The flute musics also helps me to sleep early and not to become over thinker.
I too listens to classical music when trying to relax and when working. My neighbors would sometimes comment on the kind of music I'm playing for they don't appreciate much like I do. I even play it every sleeping time for it does so much in the brain and help me fight anxiety and stress plus my baby benefits from it too for listening to classical music helps brain development. Now if you're wondering if I listen to other genre, yes ofcourse but most time just classical.
I sometimes like the melody songs of the karaoke because it makes me feel relax and convenient whenever I hear those background melodies because it is very good to my ears.. I like the fact that it makes me remember my childhood times that I was singing with the karaoke together with friends or family. I really don';t know why the background melody of the karaoke makes me feel attracted to listen.
I listen to every music of Ed Sheeran. I don't know why but I love hearing them. I am not a singer but I know that his voice gets my mind and body relaxed.
I always listen to acoustic music, because it calms me down, eases my stress and put me in a good mood. Music can motivate me and it can act as a stress reliever. It also helps me to concentrate more and improves my ability to focus on what I am working on. Music helps me to remain positive in life.
I don't have an actual preference on what music I listen to, and it's not like I love every genre of music.
I think what kind of music I listen to depends on my mood, whenever I feel stressed out I often like to hear loud and heart pounding rock songs, because it kinda feels like I am releasing every inch of stress out of my body whenever I scream out singing the songs.
I like classical music whenever I study or do work, it make me feel focus and mentally ready.
I listen hiphop, rap, pop and reggae mostly with my friends because we sing along together.
My favorite song is pop and jazz when I board I just listening music. So my mind could take a rest for a while. My favorite singer is Bruno Mars and I always listen to all of his music.
Listening to music depends on the mood you're in at the moment. Some people have mixed playlist, and also music artist nowadays have mixed up all genres in to one song. I hate music with lyrics that don't mean anything at all or they've just made it sound rhyming on every verse just to make it appealing in your ears. I'm a fan of Coldplay and I can say that their music is genuine.
The question is quite broad because different types of music have their own appeal to listeners. There are jazz pieces like bossa nova and the Paul Desmond slow sixties type of jazz; there are also jazz music like those of Acoustic Alchemy that you'ld like to listen at times. Classical music like Chopin's preludes and Mazurkas I like playing during study times. I also went for hard rock like Led Zeps Stairway to heaven and tripped the lead part in the end countless of times. The list can go on and on and music is music.
I listen to all manner of music. As long as the beats makes sense, I'm going to love it. Right now, I'm having a good time listening to Bob Marley's Raggae songs.
Music is something that I love so much because they always calm me down and make me feel relaxed especially when I am stressed up. Below are the kind of music I love to listen to.