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What does the community here think about Codecademy?


Junior Member
I post this thread here as I don't think it really fits any of the other subforums, as on codecademy you can learn not only HTML and CSS but many other languages as well.

So what do you think about it? Have you used it, did you really learn the material presented and how effective was the learning method used on the site?


Junior Member
I used it for basic html knowledge and beginning to learn CSS and absolutely loved it. It's easy to use, not to mention free. I felt like it was really geared toward teaching lasting knowledge because it reuses items learned over and over so that you'll remember how to do them. My favorite thing about it, though, was that it showed your work in the browser which made it easy to see what changes were being made.
It was great at the time of this thread. It's now gone to the pits with money-grabbing additions. I'd love it to go back to its grass routes.