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Video Element Doesn't Find Local Video


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I realize this is almost certainly a novice question. I'm trying to test an MP4 video on my computer using VIDEO element. In <source I have the full fileid of the folder on my disk that contains the video (the highest level folder also contain the html file):
src="/folder/sub-folder/sub-folder/Video/videoname.MP4 followed by type="video/mp4">
But when I press "Play" on the controls nothing happens. The video doesn't play.
I also have Poster="/folder/sub-folder/sub-folder/images/imagename.jpg" but the poster image isn't displayed.
I would appreciate someone telling me what I'm doing wrong.
You need a server. LIke http:// then what ever your URL is. Called a Domain name. This server anchors pictures to your own screen. So you can see it while editing or doing some thing else to it. For example, uploading a video on your own screen to see and play.
Are you saying that I can't test this locally on my computer? That I have to upload it to a site just to test it? I'm not quite ready for that - I just want to see what I have and that it plays with the html.
It will work. Just cannot test it and see it.

<img src=" file.mp4" alt=" description" width="xx" height="xx"/> Basic necessities of html tags.

URL in src which the full path is holden up by a server or a computer to do this. It's the anchor tag. Which is your computer. Lots of html books out that are good. Pick one. HTML for Dummies by Rich Tenant. He's a good source to use.
Won't miss. Check it out on another network. Like a library. Someone else's account. The network might deny the same person access to it.

URL or is linked to the page to see it. They use a href and /a link to do this. Holding it up is a URL from the web server. But the tag is the same function in html. This tag should work fine.

I used this method many times with seeing my pictures in web pages. I just knew it worked. Now I use an image host free image host. ImageBam.com is a good free image host. Or html editor

I use a free google server to do this too. Google photo on Chromebook has online storage photo. Type in their URL google into the src=" " image tag. It's not going to be locked if I place it on. Automatic

Example url from my chrome: https://photos.google.com/lockedfolder/photo/AF1QipNVtXmJeWxab2g4dWPFkHM3_Jtehe13RqcrmjWt
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<video width="500px" 
                type="video/mp4" />