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trying to put html examples in a html page, but page reads it as html and renders it


Junior Member
was hoping to find a html tag like <cody> where i could put html examples in and not have it rendered by the page.. any suggestons?
Well, I guess, the error lies in the tag itself - as there is no <cody> tag in HTML. What you can do to put up code in the HTML is use the <pre> tag which renders text as is (that means non-formatted). If you want to do it as they do on many blogs out there, you would have to use plugins and scripts instead (these would normally have a black background and the code would get displayed in mix of green and white - that is default setting for some and it can be changed).
okay <pre sounds like what im looking for > i guess what im going to do is put the html in a text editor and find and replace the brackets "," with the correcthtml embeded equailvelent.. i.e. &nbsp = "space" " " and will render