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some Jpgs dont show online


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I wrote my webpage at first with a program(i forget which one) about 15 years ago and it worked great at first then years down the road some of the jpg pictures stopped showing, but some remained, both very similar but slightly different. i use them as titles and i made a table with the picture as the background so i can type words over it as the titles.

now i have redeveloped my webpage by just editing the html in notepad and it works great offline but as soon as i put online the similar problem reappears, and some of my new pictures don't show up(but some do) i use an old picture program called coral photo paint 6 which works fine for my purposes. i didn't do a table for all pictures but some of them.

I just now tried taking the problem pictures and opening them in windows paint(windows 8.1) and resaving them again and upload them to the server and it didn't change the problem. Im on free webhosting if this make a difference.

how do i get these jpg pictures to work again(again it works great offline in the same browser?)

here is the actual code i have for one of my photos that doesnt work (im not an expert but a copy and paste html guy)

i didnt put a link yet because its pending yet so bear with me on the href

<p><img src="Book.JPG"><p> <font color="#888822" font-family: "Comic Sans MS" size="6"> <a href="i didnt put a link here yet just words so it would come up with nothing">words in my webpage</a>

just after i pasted this in here i noticed the 2 <p> so i tried deleteing the one next to font color, then i tried adding </p><p> to same spot and uploading the server still the same result
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i took a closer look at my opera browser and there was a little icon called privacy protection that said it was blocking trackers, so i clicked allow and the picture appeared

Q1 what is going on how do i fix this so that other people dont have my picture blocked(im clueless why this is happening) its a 1162 x 810 pixels picture

Q2 on another page of my webpage some pictures appear and some dont, the following is the portion of code that references the picture thats not showing

<img src="10000picture.jpg" />

Q3 here is another spot that doesnt work its a table and the background is set as the picture that doesnt show up
<p class="style15"><a name="Name"
<p><a href="#Top" class="style39">back</a><a href="#Top"
<table width="525" height="55" border="0" background="sunspot3.JPG">
<td align="center"><span class="style32">Name
<p class="style44">
i started to play around with this and it almost seems like when i put it on the server that its caps sensitive like if i have the file name Picture and i put it in the code as picture than it wont work, or it almost seems like if i have a 1 or a 0 in the name it doesnt like that so i took 1 and 0s out and it seemed to work. is this because linix servers are like this (a guess) or what do you think

but again it works completely on my own computer