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Shall I Learn Core PHP or Larvel?

I was learning PHP a while back but stopped for some unknown reason. I remember when I was learning, a mate kept telling me to sack it off and just go for Larvel. My question is: if I went straight to Larvel, would that become a crutch? I mean, wouldn't it be better to learn the core language before frameworks or the other way around?


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While Larvel will make things easier, in the short run; it is always better to start with PHP. A solid understanding of the base language will help you to understand how things are working a lot easier.


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Your question touches on a common debate in the world of web development: whether to learn the core language before diving into frameworks or vice versa. Both approaches have their merits, and the choice often depends on personal preferences and project requirements.

Learning Core Language First:
- Strong Fundamentals: Learning the core language (PHP, in this case) provides a solid understanding of the language's fundamentals, syntax, and principles.
- Flexibility: You gain the ability to build from scratch without relying on a specific framework.

- Steeper Learning Curve: Initially, learning the core language might seem more challenging, especially for beginners.
- Slower Project Development: Without a framework, building complex projects might take more time and effort.

Learning Laravel Directly:
- Rapid Development: Laravel, like many frameworks, promotes rapid development with pre-built components and conventions.
- Industry Relevance: Laravel is widely used in the industry, and learning it directly can align with current job market demands.

- Dependency on Framework: Depending solely on Laravel might limit your understanding of PHP outside the framework.
- Less Control: While frameworks offer convenience, they abstract certain aspects, which may limit your control over the finer details.

The ideal approach often lies in a balanced mix. Start by grasping the basics of PHP to understand its syntax, principles, and core functionalities. Once you feel comfortable, gradually introduce frameworks like Laravel.

1. Learn Core PHP: Get a good understanding of PHP's fundamentals.
2. Explore Simple Projects: Build small projects using core PHP to reinforce your learning.
3. Introduce Laravel: Once you're familiar with PHP, delve into Laravel. It will feel less overwhelming, and you'll appreciate how Laravel simplifies certain tasks.

Learning the core language first gives you a solid foundation, but incorporating frameworks like Laravel can significantly boost your productivity. Finding the right balance between the two approaches ensures you have a well-rounded skill set, allowing you to work efficiently with or without frameworks.