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scroll to bottom of page with <body onload


New member
I am a newb. I am developing a web site that writes log entries to a simply HTML file. Various users will run PHP pages that will create entries on the log page. I want a user monitoring the log file to see the new entries made at the bottom. The entries are not occurring fast so I have created a meta tag to refresh the page every three minutes. I am not familiar with JS but was able to find a simple function that scrolls. I would like to tighten up the code. First is there a way to specify percent instead of pixels? I can specify a large pixel jump but as the log grows, I may miss the end of the file where the latest entries are. The other issue is that having a delay too long misses the refresh so there is never a scroll. The delay must be less than the three minutes before the page is redrawn. If the delay is too short, a user will not be able to scroll back in the document to review the data. I tried eliminating the delay so that the code will execute only when the page refreshes, but it did not work without the delay line.

<html><head><meta charset='UTF-8'><meta http-equiv='refresh' content='120' >
function pageScroll() {
scrolldelay = setTimeout('pageScroll()',10000);
<body onLoad="pageScroll()">