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Rocket League and Batman Team Up for Halloween Haunted Hallows Event


The Batman brand seems to be gaining momentum in the gaming world, especially with the announcement Buy Rocket League Items of Gotham Knights & Suicide Squad, featuring popular characters from the Batman franchise. However, Batman’s presence isn’t limited to his games, as he has made appearances in Fortnite in the Batman Zero Point crossover event. Even FaZe Clan has seen some Batman love, partnering with the Gotham Knight in a unique comic and apparel crossover. Now, it seems like Rocket League will be getting a little taste of Batman for the fifth year in a row.

Batman: Return of the Dark Knight to Rocket League.

Haunted Hallows, the Batman and Rocket League crossover event, is now live in Rocket League. The event sees the return of three Batmobiles, the Gotham City Rumble game mode, the Beckwith Park arena, and Batman-themed items to use in the game.

Players can complete Haunted Hallows challenges to unlock the Joker Dominus Decal and Boost, the Gotham’s Finest Merc Decal, the Harley Quinn Wheels, the Poison Ivy boost, and much more. Players will also receive the Dark Knight Player Title as a log-in reward during the Haunted Hallows Batman event.

The Batman Haunted Hallows event in Rocket League also brings three unique Batmobiles to the game. Older players may recognize the original sleek and slim Batmobile from 1989’s Batman. The Tumbler from The Dark Knight is the second Batmobile offering in Rocket League. The Batmobile from 2016’s Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice makes the third Batman-themed vehicle available in Rocket League’s item shop.

Players can purchase all three Batmobiles, Reel Life Decals, and Goal Explosions for a total of 2000 credits, or $20. Individual Batmobile bundles are also available for 800 credits each.

Batman and Rocket League fans are sure to enjoy the event, especially the Beckwith Park arena that Rocket League Items Store contains a spooky atmosphere and tons of neat Batman easter eggs. However, the Haunted Hallows event is limited, as the event will conclude in early November if we use previous Haunted Hallows events as an indicator for the duration.