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Replacing a menu with a new one


New member
I have just started looking at JavaScript and I think it may be the way to solve my problem which is:

I have a web page with three columns (25-50-25 percent of page width). The left column contains a menu and the middle column contains the main body of my site - this is where all the information is. As I scroll down to a particular point in the middle column (by this time the scrolling has meant that the menu is no longer visible) I would like to be able to click on a button and open a different menu in the left column.

How can I do this please?

It would also be acceptable (perhaps even preferable) if my first menu didn't scroll ie stayed on the screen all the time even as the middle column scrolls, and the button click simply replaced it with the new menu (which could also remain fixed). I can handle the fixed menu idea using HTML but its the change to a new menu which I cannot do?

Any help would be appreciated.