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Possible to trigger an action in an HTML site via sending an SMS Text to a web based phone number?


New member
New-ish to HTML and custom web design in general. I'm exploring a half-baked idea and hoping to see what's actually possible. I've found a lot of information about implementing something in a website that can send out an SMS Text - I'm interested in the opposite. Is there some API/software/service I can utilize or manipulate to allow for a user to send a text to a phone number (Google Voice number or something similar?); upon receipt have said text ingested and scanned for predetermined strings of characters set to trigger a corresponding event/action - in real time within a live HTML website. I'm of course aware implementing such a set up is above my current skillset but I am curious if it would be possible at all; willing to learn and enjoy a challenge. Appreciate any ideas/replies/thoughts - let me know if it's unclear what I'm looking for here. Additionally, let me know if HTML isn't a logical host for something like this / point me down a different path. Thanks!