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Myspace Type Comment (How?)


New member
There is a new social media platform by the name of SpaceHey.com that is a revival of the old Myspace 1.0, and we're able to use HTML just like back in the day, even in comments. There is a user who does a cool trick with their comment by making their entire comment section on posts, scroll to the left. I have tried to observe the page source, but can't determine the code he's using to do it.

If you go to this blog post on the site (from SpaceHey themselves) and scroll down, you will see a user by the name of 'her man', and their entire comment section is scrolling to the left (marquee effect). I've never even seen anyone do this, even on the old Myspace, but I think it's super cool. Can anyone help to determine the basic code to create this effect?

Blog Post: https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=177550