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As our world continues to grow in complexity, there is far greater personal demand for many of the benefits that minimalism offers. Minimalism offers a life with less stress, less distraction, more freedom, and more time. All things that people today are desperately searching for more than ever. Soon, it transcended into design and architecture and began to define the term: modern design.
Minimalism for me is marked by simplicity and clarity. It's the intention to living with only the things that matter or what's importantly needed. The purpose of minimalism is the promotion of things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us. As we live we tend to buy a lot of stuff that will later on be placed in the attic or garage because we don't seem to like using it anymore or doesn't need it in the long run. Like piles of different types of clothing, books, CD's and so on. Clutter away guys! 😂😂😂
I have a simple personality and I like to keep everything that I am doing to be simple too. I have been a fan of minimalism. I rather keep my designs simple than making them more elaborate.

Using plain colours, nice fonts and simple effects can help anybody to understand and read designs easily.