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Importing a Data Element into a Spreadsheet


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New member, first post.

For quite a while I had been using the formula below to import "Earnings Date" from CNBC to GoogleSheets. For the past few months, the formula has stopped working. My understanding is, elements have been moved around on the CNBC page (redesigned) and I am no longer correctly "pointing" to the element I wish to import ("Earnings Date"). I don't know HTML to figure out how to correct the formula below so it points to "Earnings Date" (under "Events") on the "redesigned" web page. All my trial and error efforts have been in vain.

I am requesting assistance in getting the formula below corrected so it "points" to "Earnings Date" (the actual date vs the title) on CNBC's web site.

If this is not the correct forum, please guide me to an appropriate forum.


All help will be greatly appreciated!


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I forgot to add that a ticker symbol has to be entered in the search box at the top right side of the page; this prompts CNBC to pull data for that ticker symbol. One of the data elements is "Earnings Date." It can be found on the lower half of the page, under the heading "Events."

A ticker symbol picked at random: AAL.

Please note: I have shared only the HTML portion of the formula I use in GoogleSheets; I left out the part that pertains to the "spreadsheet" portion.