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Illustrator or Photoshop?


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Which do you prefer, which revision, and why? I prefer Photoshop CS5, because I'm most familiar with it, though it seems Illustrator has a lot more design-oriented UI.
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Not much of a graphics designer, but when I do get into it, I prefer to use the GIMP. It's free and open source which is a big plus for me. Plus it's not as bloated with all sorts of functionality you'll never use anyway, like photoshop. Just my two cents...
Illustrator is intended to be used for vectors, whereas Photoshop can be used for a lot of things, from photo editing to creating gifs. I'd say everyone's got a different favorite depending on what graphic they need done.
I only use Photoshop so that's the one I prefer. I never used Illustrator before, but Photoshop is what's recommended by nearly everyone for graphic design.
I prefer Illustrator since it deals with vectors instead of pixels, so the quality of the designs that ultimately result from it are usually crisper and smoother. Honestly, the differences in the designs produced on either aren't really that big, but those subtle differences contribute significantly to what the viewers' subconscious sees, in my opinion. So I mostly just stick with Adobe Illustrator whenever I can afford to do it, since I feel it yields a much cleaner result, but Photoshop does its job relatively well too.
I am not a real Graphics Designer but when I need to create one design for myself, I search through online tutorials and I have encountered one tutorial wherein one step must be used with Illustrator and the rest are for Photoshop. So, basically, some functions are easier to incorporate on Illustrator and since they are both from adobe, compatibility of your work is not an issue. I think gaining expert knowledge on both would make somewhat a really good Graphics Designer. Just dont run out of ideas.
This is a total "apples or oranges" type question. Photoshop and Illustrator have very similar looking interfaces, but handle completely different tasks. Photoshop is for raster graphics (made of pixels), while Illustrator is for vector graphics (made of mathematical equations). Digital photographs are all raster images, so if your site deals mostly in photos, then Photoshop is the answer. While if your main job is graphic design, dealing with logos, backgrounds, interfaces, etc. then Illustrator is your new best friend.
I prefer to use Illustrator whenever possible; I just like the ease of use of vector graphics. There's no hassle with resizing or recoloring.
Photoshop is for photos (obviously). It is good for photo manipulation and fixing, and stores information as pixels, called a rasterized file. Illstrator is for creating digital art, usually from scratch. It saves information as lined called Vectors. They have different applications and uses, but can be used together to create an overall piece of art.
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I use GIMP for bitmaps, and Inkscape for vectors. Both programs are free and as was mentioned above, do not contain all the bloat of the Adobe counterparts. I stopped using Adobe products when I could no longer justify their upgrade costs.
By profession, I am a graphic designer so I am capable with the entire Adobe suite. I guess it just depends on what you're using the program for. To create anything other that photo editing, I will generally use Illustrator. There are a lot of times where I will go between both Photoshop and Illustrator. An example of this would be if I were to create a flyer or leaflet for a company.
Both are good software capable of producing quality work for each of the purpose where they are supposed to be used, and both of them are sufficient and powerful enough to be the sole software that you will need for photo editing or for creating digital art. As long as you put in the time to study all their features, it's best to know the ins and outs of both programs.
The two soft wares above are both good and helpful. However, if your going to ask me, I highly recommend Photoshop. It is because it has a lot of tools, a lot of features that users can use in order to better improve their work/masterpiece.
I am not really a designer but I have already tried using Photoshop and Illustrator before, but as of now when I do editing or designing of some image or when I make a simple graphic design I use GIMP since it was an open source and it's free. As far as I know, Illustrator and Photoshop have their own distinction of use like in Photoshop if you blow up an image it will eventually start to pixelate, as its set at a fixed size. However in Illustrator, it uses mathematical equations to create various shapes and forms because all of these images are, technically speaking, formulas, they can be blown up, shrunk, moved, warped, etc. without any concerns. The program will automatically rescale them. But it depends on the designer how he used these two designing tools.
It depends on your needs. If you're working more on photos and web graphics, you'll go for Photoshop. It is great for layering, adjustments and overall editing of pictures. And if you do more on logos and icons, use illustrator because of its vector work features.
Which do you prefer, which revision, and why? I prefer Photoshop CS5, because I'm most familiar with it, though it seems Illustrator has a lot more design-oriented UI.

I've used Photoshop more in my lifetime, but honestly I'm not really too sure about how Illustrator works. I've seen it used for drawing-type projects, but it was difficult to get into without any outside resources. Photoshop is a little bit more intuitive in my opinion. Always wanted to learn about vectors.
I have never tried illustrator before and never heard any of my friends use it before.
I prefer photoshop basically because the number of users who use it and convenience of finding tutorial for photoshop, I don't really know what is the difference between this two,
When it comes to pictures, photo manipulation, and layout I prefer photoshop but when it comes to vectorize images and digital arts I'll choose Illustrator.