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how to start to learn php

You have many resources to learn PHP, Follow some good PHP YouTube channels, and tutorialspoint is also a good website to learn PHP...
  1. Understand what PHP and MySQL are. PHP is a scripting language that you can use to build interactive scripts. ...
  2. Rent or create a web server. In order to use PHP and MySQL, you will need access to a web server. ...
  3. Find some resources. ...
  4. Download the necessary tools.
to know more
I started with Edwin Diaz's tutorial on Udemy. He is a really good tutor and responsive to emails. The course is quite old but he still helps out and updates as and when needed.
There's a wealth of information on the internet. Search tutorials that suit your learning style, find a good YouTube channel to follow (the New Boston was OK but I'm not sure if he does PHP). Even seek out physical books - these can be a lot better than digital media. It's all dependant on you, really, and how you like to learn.