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Genshin Impact players upset over Sorush incident

Keith Stawarz

New member
Players of Genshin Impact have expressed dissatisfaction with the game's latest Sorush event in version 3.6 as the HoYoverse is ready to launch its following significant update. One of the last significant events in the Sumeru region before Genshin Impact players visit Fontaine for the first time in version 4.0 is the Sorush event. In the game, players can prepare an adequate number of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.

Genshin Impact's newest in-game event is The Recollector's Path, known to many simply as the Sorush event. Players reunite with Sorush in the new desert area of 3.6 and help her train to become a true Bloomguard during the Recollector's Path event. To boost Sorush's growth, several trials and event quests can be completed over six days. Completing Sorush's Trials rewards you with tons of Primogems, Ascension Materials, Mora, and more, but many players were not happy with how the Sorush event turned out in Genshin Impact.

OramaBuffin and other Genshin Impact players were unhappy with the Sorush event, citing too much dialogue and a lack of meaningful content. While OramaBuffins have enjoyed in-game dialogue and lore for years, users skip dialogue throughout the Sorush event to earn rewards as quickly as possible. Several players, including OramaBuffin, felt that the Sorush event was filled with convoluted dialogue, exhausting long-time fans of the Genshin Impact community.

Some players consider the Sorush event to be an all-time low for HoYoverse writing quality, as the developers prepare for a future Genshin Impact update. Additionally, commenter LilianCorgibutt and other users suggested that the community should send direct feedback to HoYoverse through the studio's support channels, as the campaign was not well received by thousands of players. Others skip the event entirely, choosing to read the Genshin Impact wiki page for a synopsis of the Sorush event's story rather than participate.

A lack of concise and effective dialogue seems to be the current consensus in the Genshin Impact community when discussing recent in-game events. If HoYoverse develops a similar event, lengthy conversations between game events could further highlight Genshin Impact's current problems. In the case of the Sorush event, players are skipping dialogue to get to the most engaging parts of the Sorush event and prevent themselves from burning out while playing Genshin Impact.

HoYoverse may be hoping to take some cue from its latest game released since Honkai: Star Rail addresses Genshin Impact's flaws while retaining the elements that made both games successful. Adjustments to writing and in-game dialogue may also benefit the upcoming Fontaine storyline in version 4.0. For more game guides, please visit eanflcoins.com.
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I have been reluctant with starting to play Genshin Impact for years now. I'm not sure why it's that way with this game for me. To make matters worse is that I've already downloaded the game but couldn't start playing it. I hope they do something about what's making gamers unhappy with the new version.
I was pissed by this new development with play Genshin Impact. If they don't do something to fix this, I'm not sure if I would be interested in playing the game for long. This is a total disappointment for me.