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Force http from https


New member
Can I force a link on a secured site to take you to an unsecured page on that site? Here's the scoop:

We have a Wordpress site. We also have a .net web app that runs on that server. We have the SSL certificate setup, and the whole Wordpress site works just fine. However, after a few changes to the .net app, that app is only working in HTTP://, and if you try https://, is generates an error. We're working with the developer to fix it. In the meantime, we have a bunch of users who need to get into the unsecured version of the app.

If someone comes to the regular site (https://mysite.com) and clicks on the main nav button that takes you to the app... it doesn't matter if I make the link HTTP or https, it loads the app in https and kicks in the error.

So my question is, can I force it so that when they click that app link, even if they're currently in https mode, that it takes them to HTTP mode?