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Favorite software?

I have been using Canva for more than 5 years and it's been very useful for me whenever I have any need to design anything.

But after using Photoshop last month, I feel in love with it because it's more user friendly and have tons of great features than Canva.
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is the software that I enjoy the most. Because of its flexible features and options, it is a popular pick among graphic designers and other creatives. It provides potent and user-friendly tools for making beautiful artwork or designs quickly and easily.
It's only Adobe Photoshop that I have been using for all my graphics design work and it's been extremely good. I've never considered using any other alternatives.
I've been using Photoshop for any kind of graphics design job. There is nothing I can't design using the software to. I'm thinking of using GIMP but I've not decided.
Canva and Photoshop and my favorite software which I have been making use of to design so many projects that have been hired to work on. Both of them have been very satisfactory for all my job.
Photoshop and Canva have been the best softwares that I make use of in designing. Both are giving me what I need in completing my designs, they are user-friendly and reliable.
I don't tend to do a lot of graphic creating myself but I have in the past done some. I started out using free trials for Photoshop in around 2005, and then, I looked and found free alternatives over the years.

I now use GIMP and Canva for all my graphics needs.