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Do you think some technology can beat computers?


I am just wondering what kind of invention can beat computers. I don't know if people can create something that can be better than computers that we are using today. I don't see any technology that can be very useful to people like computers. What do you think?
Computers are part of computer technology. So this computer thing will be evolving in the future and the technology that goes with it will also improve. Believe it or not but the computer technology that is being used by the US in its missile defense are those in the likes discs in the 80's. One reason they do this is that these discs are hack proof because the technology was not yet prone to online attacks.


I guess if someone can invent a type of computer that can be accessed from anywhere, without the need to have any device, like you just flip a switch and a hologram computer will appear in front of you, then it has the functionalities of a computer but is not bulky to carry.


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AI is basically the next big thing in technology. Basically its a computer that progressively develops it self. AI has been in the scene for many years but as technology evolve it began to be powerful enough that it could adapt to its environment.


They are all computers. The only difference is the level and how sophisticated the technology is designed. It's just like in Artificial intelligence. They are basically computer programs that are well advanced.


Both of them are technically the same thing, so I don't see how each one of them is going to defeat the order but I believe that it's all about technological advancement. It's something that's going to be keep getting better every day.