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Diablo 4: What is Group Control

Keith Stawarz

New member
An important feature of combat in Diablo 4 is Group Control, a class of effects that affect movement in some way. If a skill can stop, control, or limit the movement of an enemy, it is most likely because of one of Diablo 4 CC's many effects. Players can have enough Diablo IV Gold in the game.

Many weapon modifiers will increase damage to CC'd enemies and limit damage taken with group control effects. CC is rampant in World Tiers 3 and 4, so it's important to understand the challenges you face and how to reduce - or avoid altogether - the effects of CC.

All 11 crowd control types in Diablo 4

There are a total of 11 types of CC in Diablo 4, including obvious crowd control effects such as Ice Slow and Stasis, as well as less obvious effects such as Pull In and Bind. All CC effects in Diablo 4 will trigger CC-based modifiers for the duration, not anymore.

As a few examples, CC gains will apply when an enemy is running away in fear, when frozen in place, or when briefly knocked down.

Refrigerate Effect

When applying an Ice Slow effect, the target's movement speed is reduced. In addition, Chill can build up and eventually freeze the target.

Chill effects are primarily used by Sorcerer and Rogue classes.

Stun Effect

When a target becomes stunned, they cannot attack or use skills until the effect dissipates. If the player is dazzled, their screen will become blurry.

Daze effects are mainly caused by Rogue classes.

Fear Effect

When a target is Feared, they stop everything and run in the opposite direction of the skill caster. This is hindered by walls and immobilization effects, which hold the enemy in place.

Fear is primarily used by the Necromancer class (in some ways), but also appears on the Butcher's Cleaver unique item.

Freeze Effect

When a target is frozen, they cannot perform any actions in place. However, some abilities that allow players to get out of the frozen state (such as through Immunity or Unstoppable) are still available.

Freezing is mainly caused by the Witch and Thief classes.

Fixation Effect

When immobilized, the target cannot move, but can still use skills and attacks. This keeps all affected enemies an arm's length away when making long-range attacks, although it does not prevent them from doing long-range damage themselves.

The Immobilize effect is primarily used by the Druid profession, but it also works in the Aspect, Unique, and Select skills of all other professions in Diablo 4.

Knockback Effect

When a target is knocked back in Diablo 4, they are sent a short distance away from the caster. This can be suppressed by walls, although the effect will still prevent movement even if there is no movement distance.

Knockback is mainly caused by the Thief, Druid, and Barbarian professions.

Knockback Effect

While knockback pushes enemies out of the way, knockback paralyzes the target in place for a moment, granting about a second of CC and interrupt.

Knockback is primarily used by the Druid and Thief classes.

Pull-in Effect

Some skills can pull enemies into a position, either towards the caster or towards a fixed point. Some enemies - usually those wielding giant hooks, such as Butcher - can use their long-range abilities to pull the player into melee range.

Pull In CC is primarily used by the Barbarian class, although some other classes, such as Necromancers and Rogues, can also get Pulled effects via items and modifiers.

Speed Reduction Effects

The slowing effect can be caused by a variety of abilities and varies greatly. One skill can only slow an enemy by a small amount, while others can slow an enemy by more than 70%.

Every profession in Diablo 4 can use Slowed, either through the skill tree or various aspects and uniques, but it is primarily used by the Sorceress and Thief professions.

Stunning Effect

When a target is stunned, their attacks are interrupted, they are immobilized, and they cannot attack or use skills except for those who break the stun. When triggered by different skills, this effect can last for different amounts of time, but usually not more than a few seconds.

Each profession in Diablo 4 can gain stun through the skill tree or aspects and uniques.

Tether Effect

A target is tethered when their movement is restricted to a small area around a point rather than holding them in place. tomb lord dungeon bosses and several other enemies in Diablo 4 will use skills that trigger Tethered. They appear as a circle on the ground, and when the player comes within its range, they will fire a type of chain at the player.

The Tethered effect is primarily used by enemies in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 changes the way crowd control works against Bosses

While some mitigation effects affect Bosses in the same way they affect normal monsters, Diablo 4's crowd control effects instead create a Stagger bar. Below the Boss's lifesteal is a bar that slowly expands outward as the player deals more CC damage to it. When the Stagger meter reaches its limit, the boss will be stunned for about 10 seconds.

It is considered to be affected by every crowd control effect at the same time as staggering. While CC doesn't seem to do much against bosses, this window can prove invaluable in a race to take down a world boss in time, and allows time for buildings centered on gain damage against CC enemies to relax.

How to combat CC effects in Diablo 4

Players can do two things to mitigate the effects of group control in Diablo 4: use abilities that grant unblockability or immunity, and prepare resistances and self-defense modifiers in advance.

Unstoppable effects immediately break all forms of CC on the caster (or target), while Immunity makes the player completely immune to all effects. Of the two, Immunity is the better, but it is much rarer.

Every profession can generate Unstoppable in some way, although some builds - such as Smash Druid - have easier access to it.

Modifiers on your device can help mitigate the effects of Diablo 4 CC. There are many effects that reduce damage when affected by group control, reduce the amount of time CC'ed takes, and more. Please pay careful attention to secondary modifiers on dropped equipment, as they can have a huge impact on a player's ability to handle CC at higher Diablo 4 world levels. See oggah.com for more details on the game guide.