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Diablo 4 Missing Pre-Order Bonuses: Where to Find Light-Bearer & Temptation Mount


Diablo 4 Missing Pre-Order Bonuses: Where to Find Light-Bearer & Temptation Mount

If you’re questioning about Diablo 4 missing pre-order bonuses, you’ve come to the right area. Several mounts and mount armor portions are blanketed in the pre-order bonuses for the Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Ultimate editions for the sport. This consists of the Temptation Mount and Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor (those are one of a kind pre-order items for the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate variations) in addition to the Light-Bearer Mount and Caparison of Faith Mount Armor (these aren't one-of-a-kind). But in case you head into D4, it’s uncertain the way you’re speculated to redeem those horses and free up them for journey. Here’s what you need to Buy Diablo 4 Gold get the pre-order mounts.

How to get pre-order mounts in Diablo 4

To get the Light-Bearer and Temptation horse mounts, you need to talk with Oskar the strong grasp in Kyovashad inside the first region of the game on the give up of Act III.

Yep, that’s proper. You’ll need to play about half of of the game first before you advantage access to those pre-order bonuses. That said, mounts definitely make journey plenty speedy, so you might also need to make a beeline through the story and free up mounts before exploring the severa regions surrounding the predominant cities.

You’ll truely meet Oskar early in Act I because you want to speak with him which will get an NPC going on his investigation. In reality, you’ll truely see the Light-Bearer and Temptation horses inside the stable. A prompt tells you that they won’t be unlocked till whole a quest referred to as “Mount: Donan’s Favor” however it doesn’t tell you whilst that is. Anyway, again, it’s Act III.

In case you need more statistics, we’ve got a extra good sized manual on horse mounts in Diablo four, such as how a lot they value and the way to use them.

During the early access release of Diablo 4 on PS5, many players experienced a odd “unable to Cheap Diablo 4 Gold find a legitimate license” message. Fortunately, this error has been broadly speaking been resolved.