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CSS To Fix Font Aspect Ratio to 1:1


New member
I wrote a VB.Net program that lets you load any small image and then converts that image to ASCII art as HTML. I currently write the HTML as (for example):

<body bgcolor = "#000000">
<pre><font face = "Courier New" size ="1">
<font color = "#660099">&#70;</font><font color = "#660066">&#118;</font><font color = "#660066">&#118;</font>...

and then end the file with:

...<font color = "#002B00">&#58;</font><font color = "#660066">&#118;</font><font color = "#660099">&#70;</font>

It simply copies the color image loaded and makes a grayscale copy and then based on that value, picks an ASCII character (I have 92 characters all weighted from darkest to lightest) mapped to a gray shade value 0 to 255.

Then with the original color image I take the RGB and convert it to <font color = "#RRGGBB>&#ASC Value</font>.

and this works well EXCEPT Courier New is slightly taller that it is wide so my ASCII art looks a bit stretched. I could change my code to "squash" the image before rendering the HTML, but I wondered if instead there was a CSS statement that could make Courier New (or any fixed width font) to have a 1 to 1 aspect ratio when displayed?

Thank you