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Hey all. I noticed this section was a little empty so I figured I'd come in here and give it a jump.

I personally offer content for all types of projects, and I offer a lot of it for free depending on the amount of work involved. I write articles, I will happily join your forums and threads and help to promote growth, and I produce several types of digital content. I produce music and graphics, edit videos of all kinds, and like I said I am willing to do most of it for free as long as I like the project and you are willing to return the favor through supporting me as collaborator (giving credit where it is due, keeping in touch, etcetera).

None of this is really set in stone, but I wanted to throw myself out there as someone who will remain active in your circle if you want me to.
That's great to hear and I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to hear that you are able to help them out with various things and for free. It's very rare that you find people willing to work for free and help out fellow webmasters on the internet because everyone is just mad and crazy about being able to make money online (myself included lol :D). I don't really need anything right now but I'm sure you will get some people contacting you soon about help that they need with their sites and projects.

Do you have some sort of a portfolio for your graphics? Would love to just have a look at them.
What good is knowing that there are people who want to help others, especially to this type of disposal today is not easy to find, now we are faced with a humanity that does not want to collaborate with others to find someone like you who has this kind of desire is genial.(y)