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Besides the website stuff

I don't have any hobbies that are set in stone. I do all kind of things, if someone mentions doing something I most likely jump in and give it a try. One of the solid hobbies I had growing up was martial arts, i stuck with that for a few years. As for now, I have joined friends in hiking, mountain biking and cliff diving. I'm a huge fan of trying new things.
I like playing basketball with some of my friends if you can consider that I hobby. None of us are particularly good so it can lead to some interesting play because none of us know exactly what we are doing. I also like doing DIY projects occasionally, I actually just built a poker table and beer pong table over the past summer. I occasionally go to my dad's friend's gun range and get to rent guns for pretty cheap prices and just shoot around, it can do wonders for reliving stress sometimes.
Other than working or playing at my computer, I go for long walks. That's just about the only thing I do other than the website stuff. When I go out, I sometimes don't even take my phone along. It's kind of like getting away from all the technology stuff for a change.
hmm used to be ino boxing, no so much anymore though i go running on occasion.
I also go out quite a bit, I used to go clubbing but at the age of 26 I'm pretty much done with that.
Just sitting down in a bar with some fiends is the best.
I play the guitar, watch movies from directors all around the globe, watch TV series, take care of my dog, do things online to get some extra money and read articles. Those can all be called my 'stress releases'.
I have a full time work at the IT department of my company but I don't do anything related to web stuff. My hobbies are learning how to program and create websites. I have a few more hobbies. I play Nintendo Wii with my wife and also run in the mornings with my dog. I also love building electronic circuits but it's been a long long time since the last time I created a circuit on a breadboard or created a program for my arduino uno. That's something I want to start doing again.
I'm a computer drafter. A drafter is someone who creates models and assemblies of things you see everyday. We're the ones that program the machines to make the mouse your holding right now, we drew that mouse up in 3D design software and put the instructions into a machine for it to be mass produced.
I love to cook and bake, so that's something that I spend a lot of my spare time doing. I am also an avid couponer, so I'm always out searching for deals or doing online research about coupons and deals. I also like spending time with my BF just talking or watching movies, riding around and spending time with my "children," which are my two dogs and cat!
I love playing video games and reading comic books. I also enjoy a good game of D & D, but that is hard to come by here in Chicago. I know I sound like a total geek, but so what. If the mood strikes me I will read a good book or watch a movie, but for the most part I just play games.
Well aside for browsing through internet. My other hobbies is to travel using my motorcycle. I used to do that every weekend if I don't have a work day after. I love to go to the different provinces by using my motorcycle and aside from that, I also love to play some sports like basketball, badminton and table tennis. These are my exercise.
I play a lot of sports (table tennis, volleyball, football, basketball), play a lot of video games (primarily on the PC/laptop, but also occasionally on the PS4 and mobile), and I love watching movies in cinemas or Netflix shows/movies.
Besides website stuff, I usually go outside and play basketball with my friends. I also like working out and jogging in the morning to keep my body fit all the time.
If I am not facing my computer and other internet related gadget I do a lot of things too. I love to ride a bicycle then tour around my place to enjoy the view of nature. It also help me burn fat, not because I want to loose weight but to be healthy. I love reading, taking pictures, dancing, singing and etc. I try new things and discover new knowledge.
My hobby is studying English, as it is necessary for working online. I love watching movies with subtitles and playing games. It is very useful to communicate with native speakers and improve your pronunciation. I have been studying English for 1 years, and I am sure that every foreigner should never stop the process of learning.
There are so many websites for studying English, and some of them are worth using. I prefer choosing trustworthy ones. I always check if they are famous and have a positive experience of teaching many people. AT the same time, I do not use apps as I do not find them effective enough - when I do other things, it is useless for me to spend 1 minute to learn something new, their notifications just irritate me.
I collect tarantulas and love reading. I'm also an archer and an avid writer. Gaming is always good to pass the time too, that and boxsets.
Apart from being on website or doing any work that is related to website job, I love playing video games. I also enjoy watching movies especially TV series.