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Adfly/CoinURL thoughts?


Junior Member
What do you guys think of Adfly and CoinURL? They seem annoying but effective. I've never experienced revenue from either of these, so could someone with more experience with these elaborate?
I've always stayed away from AdFly. It's way too annoying, and can be a real turnoff for new people visiting a site, and it doesn't even pay off well. I prefer to use other ways to get revenue.
I tried the whole Adf.ly route in order to try to make some money online, and quickly found out that their payout is pretty much worthless. You put all of this effort into getting 1000 clicks and they pay you very little for that, so in the end I gave up. It also didn't help that people were saying that Adf.ly were scamming people, and that when they actually did have to pay out, they were not. So I just trashed that Idea and set about makig money online another way. CPA is better than PPC.
I never tried CoinURL, does it pay more then Adfly? I'm currently using Adfly on one of my sites, and I'd like a alternative site that pays better.
Adf.ly is horrible but so am I, so I spammed a couple of forums with adf.ly links.
Invested the better part of two days and made 80 cents haha.
Not going to be repeating that any time soon.
I would never try either of those. Seems like it will make you lose money in the long run instead of the other way around. It will run off all of your loyal readers who will think that you've sold out and turned to scams.
I think it's only worthwhile if you have something that has thousands of hits. 5$ / 1000 is 1$/200, so I guess you could get a decent amount of money with around 2,000 people. One thing I have seen are minecraft maps with 100,000 downloads, so that means if everyone used the adf.ly/counurl link they would have made 500$!
I think Adfly would work on certain types of websites, but from my experience, it only ever works with sites that have a less mainstream function. If someone were to want to read up about his or her favorite TV show through a blog, I doubt he or she would put up with Adfly. But if it were a guy looking for sexy pictures, then he probably wouldn't mind clicking on it just to get what he is looking for. In my opinion, if you can come up with a unique system or could offer unique content that people would really search out, then Adfly can work great, otherwise it's just too much trouble to try and get 10,000 views just for $5.
AdFly is a kind of advertising site. Not their own product or company but other companies. These companies pay AdfFly so promote their sites and products. So in order for AdFly to promote these products, they will need the help of users. AdFly will embed their fixed URL with the URL that you will shorten. Yes you can make decent amount of money with AdFly, if you can generate thousands of traffics. I think every 10000 visitors is equal to 10$.
I can't remember if it was either of these, to be honest, but I have tried them out in the past. It might have been AdFly although I can't remember exactly. I don't think I would ever try to use them ever again, to be honest. I just don't think that they are that great for the effort and I think it also just annoys your end users as well which is not what you want at all really. If I ever go to a site and every time I clicked on a link it took me to an AdFly link then I would just leave immediately.

I would advise anyone to try not to use them at all really if you want to think of the long term future of your site.