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A question about learning HTML from the ground up


Junior Member
The question is where can I find good and somewhat easily coded sites which I can "take apart"?

This is motivated by my learning style of: look at the complete product and then make small modifications untill I understand the whole picture. I am not sure if this will be successful with learning HTML, but that's how I've done most of my learning. You could say it's trial-and-error. So for this sake I need something already created, but all the webpages I normally visit are too complicated when I look at their source.
Try looking at some small business web pages. Often times mom and pop stores or local businesses don't have the money to shell out for expensive or complicated sites and someone will put together a static html site for them. You might have the best success with those!
A lot of time, small webpages that are created by people who use preexisting website "cookie cutters" are good at that. They tend to have simpler, similar HTML that is very good for learners.
Also you can take a look at some HTML tutorials like the ones from W3C Schools. The nice thing about HTML is that it is pretty simple and it is very easy to learn. Then take a look at some CSS and you'll be able to create some nice looking static sites.