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Recent content by Renowned

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    What single SEO technique works best for you?

    Start with the fundamentals and work from there: . I also recommend serprobot to keep track of your pages.
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    Favorite software?

    I've not delved deep into graphic design but I've always used Photoshop for the small things I have done. CC 2018
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    Could I make this voting system with PHP?

    Yes. PHP is ideal for such a project. I can't think of anything else you could use for such a web app, to be honest.
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    Best PHP framework

    I've heard great things about Larvel but I was too busy with core PHP at the time as I was learning.
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    Is it worth it to learn PHP OOP?

    It all depends on what you want to do. If you want to build a web application, yes. A phone app? no.
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    Where to Post Backlinks

    Seek ye out websites related to your niche. The best place for backlinks is on well-established websites that have a similar niche.
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    What do you do to advertise your site?

    I;m a huge fan of SEO. I don't have much time these days but I like to test different ways to find what works for me.
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    Any good tutorial for learning HTML5?

    Codecademy, Udemy, YouTube or just text tutorials. We all work better with different kinds of educational material.
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    Ecommerce Site Or Ebay?

    This is wholly down to your niche. Different niches will work differently with different platforms. What are your competitors doing?
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    Advice about Affiliate programs?

    I'm here for the replies. I am intending to use affiliate programs heavily this year and it would be nice to discover some other programs.
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    What single SEO technique works best for you?

    Research websites pertaining to your niche. If you write, approach the admins for backlinks on those websites.
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    Images or videos in advertising content

    Videos catch the eye more, in my opinion. I've not done much advertising though, mainly SEO,
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    Best Food Recipes Website

    Ah, who doesn't love food? Great niche and a nice clean design. Good luck with its future.
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    Does anyone have an established website for sale?

    Yes, I don't see why someone would sell a truly established website. You need to work for that, mate. Like the rest of us.
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    Background url() not working

    Is everything working OK now, OP? Post a screenshot of what you mean and I can try and help.