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Recent content by Draconian

  1. Draconian

    Free Advertisement?

    You will be hard-pressed to get anything decent at no cost. Facebook, however, don't charge until the adverts are over. Maybe this will be a good way to go? Good luck with your projects.
  2. Draconian

    Can't Afford Photoshop?

    Wow, thanks for the share. I only really use PS for quick graphics for my websites, nothing too fancy so this is perfect. I've bookmarked it, thanks again.
  3. Draconian

    Hello World

    Hi, Chris. I'm new here too. Enjoying the clean theme and decent topics. It's good to meet you, see you around.
  4. Draconian

    Javascript - Thinking of Learning it

    I've always fancied having a go with JS but have always been waylaid by other languages (VB and PHP). How does it fare as a language? I'm interested in seeing some projects that display its potential. Thanks in advance.
  5. Draconian

    Does Anyone Know of any Legit Contest Sites?

    There's quite a few listed on this blog post here. Be careful though, although a lot may seem legit, they could well be well-hidden scams. The internet is rife with such crap.
  6. Draconian

    What on Earth Happened to Codecademy?

    Yes, I'm afraid that they got greedy and decided to make a lot of profit rather than focusing on helping people to learn. Al those links from the past (accidental Zelda reference) that were posted as a helpful, free learning resource now lead directly into the money pit.
  7. Draconian

    I'm Looking into Getting back to PHP - Any Beginner Projects?

    I'm assuming you're beyond the generic "Hello World". I would learn how to make the login system again. It would be a great way to blow some of those cobwebs off and you might remember a lot as you go.
  8. Draconian

    new member

    I'm not sure what you mean, to be honest. The software is the same as what's used on a lot of forums on the ol' interwebs. Maybe a technical hiccup. Can you see the posts now?
  9. Draconian

    Check this out: A Website that Builds itself

    Yes, I remember this. As brilliant as it is, it's a little pretentious. The coder seems arrogant and up himself.
  10. Draconian

    Suggestion: Raspberry Pi Section

    I'm also for this. It would be a good opportunity to learn and share. I hope it gets added. Fingers crossed.