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We will see how to stop enemies from respawning in Atomic Heart


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Atomic Heart is filled with challenges, and you will encounter puzzles and enemies in every corner. Sometimes it can get too overwhelming, especially when you wish to revisit a particular area at a later time but find it swarming with enemies again. There is a way to stop killed enemies from respawning in the overworld, but it will take some time to do so. In this guide, we will see how to stop enemies from respawning in Atomic Heart.

How to Prevent Enemy Respawning
Escaping from a camera and hiding will eventually stop the alarm. It's best to avoid being near cameras altogether unless it's necessary. If cameras are unavoidable, they can be disabled using the Shok ability or other weapons. Players can then fight any robots in the area without triggering the alarm. Remember that cameras can be repaired by flying drones. Keep an eye on them if in combat near a dandelion and destroy any incoming airborne drones.

The world of Atomic Heart is extremely efficient, so much so that if a robot is damaged beyond repair, drones will be sent out to fix them. Every time you attack a bot, you would have noticed a light colored drones flying about. These are the repair drones called WSP-9 Pchela, and you need to shoot them down before they can get to the target. Any simple ranged attack will suffice to bring them down.

Hawks are the central part of the security systems. These are floating balloons that control large areas using cameras. Disabling them will shut down security in the Hawk's zone for a long time. To disable Hawks, players need to enter a nearby Volan Tower.

You can find these towers very close to the Hawk base, so you can head over there and disable them to stop them from scanning the area. Usually you can get a 30 minutes breather before it goes online again.

It’s quite helpful to disable security and adversaries in a location, especially so early in the game. Although you won’t be able to do it right away, you will be able to begin hacking terminals once you have left the open-world village area. To make wandering the open world far less perilous, begin doing this as soon as you can.

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