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Science and Religion

Science and Religion are two different things. Science explains everything in this world including us humans, while religion teaches us how to properly live as a human and that there is God above who can we trust everything and who can we rely on during our down times or even on failures. I believe on these two that helps us to live properly. We should not also forget to respect everyone's choice of faith when it comes to religion because I believe we have different culture, environment, and race so it really comes from where and who you are.
I'm more of a science person as it's always better when things are observable and can be proven through experiments and logical thinking, but I also believe in a superior being and there should be a way for science and religion to work hand-in-hand. In addition, most problems between science and religion throughout history mostly stems from the refusal of religious leaders to accept things that have been proven by science because it contradicts existing religious beliefs, leading to the excommunication of scientists or even executions. I have no problem with religion to have a set of guiding principles and belief in a superior being to help people in their way of life, but spirituality is a better way of going about it. Even various religious groups fight one another over a clash of beliefs.
I believed in Science and in my Religion but I give much more attention to the explanations in the religious side. Although their are many kinds of religion but as long us we believed in one God I gladly accept the perceptions of them. There are theories and evidence that science has given and I accept them to but not all.
I agree with you. I would like to notice that in the Bible, it was written that our Earth is round long before the first man went to space and proved it. This is the only one example, but there are many other statements in the Bible that scientists have been able to prove just recently. The same thing is with doctors and historians, they also agree that this book is written correctly.
Many scientists find the bible true from the scientific point of view. Of course, we should be tolerant in the XXI century, it is high time for that. Everyone has the right to believe and live like he wants.
I think religion is the backbone of science. I know that many will disagree with me, and say that without science there could be no religion. But that is false because a religion informs us how this life should function and science just proves these facts. By the way, I'm a Muslim, and I believe that there is only one God.
Science and religion have been at war for eons, or so we've been taught to believe. But some cultures embrace the two and actually have them work very well together. My personal stance on the matter is that science and religion go hand in hand with one another, in a myriad of different ways. What is your stance on this? Do you think that Science and religion are innately interlinked, or do you believe that one tears down the other?
I think religion and science has no connections and don't have the same purpose. The purpose of religion is to guide us how to live our lives in accordance to a certain God. The purpose of science is to educate us, give us the detail and proof or showing us the truth and possibilities and other issue related to human race or even our planet. But there are some instances that the source of knowledge from bibles has no support detail or lack of evidence and not complying in scientific research causing the two of them to become a rival when it comes to theory of creation and other genetics evolution issue. But it doesn't matter as long as the purpose is for our own good. But you must be aware or be wise to choose where to put your chain so that your life will never go to waste.
Science concerns itself with certain questions covering almost everything. But once the question related as to why things exist or as the french would call it "raison d'etre" or "the reason for being" , then science cannot answer and religion comes in. Science for example can claim theoretically how the universe started. It can mention about the Big bang and other theories. But once a question such as: "why do we exist?" is posed, then science faces a blank wall. It can say that everything came from hydrogen or gravity, but it cannot answer why is there hydrogen and gravity and how did these come about in the first place; because these questions lead to something beyond the created, seen, or the phenomenon. And this is where the theologians come in and say: everything was created for a purpose by a creator. Actually the theologians and the philosophers were the first to enter the scene and it was not until the 17th century during the so called Age of Reason when the so called "scientists" placed everything rational under the realm of science, a claim that was probably both ill-advised and unfounded.
One tears down the other but neither one is perfect. Religion deals with the worship of an almighty being while Science is more on logic and elaborate explanation of why things are the way they are. Religion's flaw lies with the fact that it stands on faith alone and there is no way of explaining why we believe the things we believe. On the other hand, one of Science's flaw is that there are still some things on earth that we can't explain no matter how many scientists have studied about it like the mystery of dreams, creation, and death. Religion supplies explanation on such things. For example, dreams are precognition or God's way of talking to us, we are created by an almighty being which is God, and death is God's way of sending us home to be with him. Science rejects all of these things because of the lack of explanation and scientific evidence. While religion could potentially bridge the gap of science, it doesn't seem to be working well because both principles are contrast to each other.

I couldn't agree more. We are still evolving and there are lots of question about the meaning of life, ways of understanding reality, origins of earth and life and so on. For the time being, religion and science are odds and even on points of views that are really conflicting one another. Somehow, they both represent the valid path to knowledge and bring wider understanding to significant questions. But if they really are connected, The future could get just a little more exciting.
I will always take science over religion any day and time because it is something that I can actually attest to and can be proven unlike religion that sells us crap that we cannot be able to confirm apart from what is written in the Bible.