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Relic 2: Thiele's Rest Safe Code Guide

Keith Stawarz

New member
Gunfire Games' Remnant 2 has more than its fair share of puzzles and safes, featuring an array of weapons, items and tools that players can use to their advantage while exploring the game's ever-changing world . In Lothom's Tiller's Rest, eagle-eyed players will find a crawlspace in the Iron Borough's sewers, leading to a room and a safe. Players can prepare enough Cheap Remnant 2 Accounts in the game.

The combination to the safe in Tiller's Rest is hidden on the wall of the room where the chest is located. This is a relatively simple puzzle once Remnants 2 players figure out how to identify the correct numbers and their order. Here's how to crack the combination to the Tiller's Rest safe and get your prize inside .

How to Get a Tiller's Rest Safe Code

The Tiller's Rest safe is located in a crawl space in the upper right corner of the second area of Tiller's Rest. Access here once you go through the first blocked passage, past the crazy man behind the bars. When the player climbs down from the ledge and reaches the main passage in the second area, they need to walk forward until they reach a dead end, then climb up the ledge on the right. From there, there is an open space on the left that the player can crawl through to enter the room where the Tiller's Rest safe is located.

Players will notice a four-digit code next to the safe, one of which is glowing. Here's a hint on how to find the correct code, as the glowing number indicates that it's one of the numbers for that code. Since the game randomly generates codes, this article won't contain other players' correct codes, but it will guide players on how to find specific codes in their safes.

The walls around the room are covered with numbers, making it difficult to identify which ones are correct. However, players simply use the up directional button to turn on the flashlight to identify the numbers, evident from the yellow glow. The positions of the numbers are as follows;

First number - next to the safe

Second Number - Found by climbing up the ledge behind the safe, going right to the alcove, and destroying the wooden pallet covering the wall.

Third Number - Once you find the second number, turn to the wall on the left and smash the tray again.

Number Four - Shine the flashlight on the upper wall opposite the safe.

Another important factor in this puzzle is the order in which the numbers are arranged on the wall. Each number is listed in the same order as on the safe. For example, if the number is 9645 and the number four is glowing, the third number on the code will be the number four. For more game guides, please refer to u4game.top.