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New World is Amazon Games’ massive multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing game (RPG) flagship project, released on September 28th, 2021. The game has enjoyed enormous popularity since its release, and if you’re looking for tips to level up faster, this article is for you.

New World has a cap of 60 levels that you must clear to reach the endgame. Like all MMO RPG games, how fast you get to the endgame depends on your ability to complete quests, collect resources, and kill enemies while earning experience.

Below, find seven handy tips on how to master New World and level faster in Aeternum, the game’s supernatural island.

Get a Movement Skill.

You cannot sprint in New World, which means your ability to travel quickly between areas in Aeternum is New World Coins limited. This can put a damper on how fast you gather resources and level your character.

Given that you’re fighting for resources alongside other players, you cannot afford to be the slowest on the field. Good thing you can use fast travel, but you’ll need to buy this with Azoth, a supernatural mineral present in the game used as a form of currency.

Since you might not have enough resources to obtain this mineral in the game’s early stages, getting movement skills will come in handy. You can get some of these skills through weapons that increase your speed when engaging an enemy.

Prioritize Main Quests.

In New World, there are four types of quests you can participate in; Main Story Quests, Side Story Quests, Faction Missions, and Town Projects. All four can earn you experience, but the Main Quests will give you more XP.

The more main quests you can complete, the faster you’ll be able to level up. It’s therefore wise to first prioritize NW Coins these quests, especially in the early game when you don’t need a lot of XP or resources to level up. But, this doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the side quests. While completing your main quests, it’ll make sense and give more rewards if you take care of any side quests on the way.

The additional experience will come in handy when the XP gained from quests in the main storyline is insufficient to level your character. It’ll save you the time you would have spent going back to areas you’ve already travelled through in search of side quests to top up your XP.

Later on, when you join a faction, it’ll also help to take on some missions alongside your main quests. There are three factions in New World; Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. You’ll get into one after reaching around level 10, and you’ll get six faction quests. Faction missions offer the most XP after main quests, so they can significantly impact how fast you level up.

Make Use of Free Faction Resources.

When you join a faction and complete faction quests, you’ll earn currency that you can use to buy armour sets from your faction’s shop. But, other than the supplies you need to work hard for, there are others you can find within your faction for free.