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Has anybody here ever used Inkscape? I've heard some good things so I just downloaded it for mac. It seems to be pretty powerful for a free program, but I can't really get over how non-native the interface looks. Maybe it's better on PC. Anybody else using it?
I have heard of it. I heard it's pretty good for vectors. Not to mention it's free! Can't get any better than that. But I agree the interface looks really basic to me, but not that it's a problem.
Yes, I have used Inkscape. In fact, that's what I use most of the time to do my graphics. Other than using GIMP. Of course, I am on Linux. Debian 6 64-bit, actually. Inkscape is a very capable program. In the hands of a skilled graphics artist it can do a lot of wonderful work.
Inkscape is a fantastic tool, but you will have to spend some time going through some tutorials. Its interface is very efficient once you get used to it. This is how a lot of open source applications are because the developers have the freedom to really design according to needs and functionality, instead of trying to copy what everyone else is doing. It seems weird at first, but after learning it you'll find yourself wishing "mainstream" applications worked the same way. Blender3D is a perfect example of this.

Don't give up on it, and don't think because it's free that it's somehow a lesser application than what you could buy.

Try Inkscape, Blender3D, GIMP, Audacity, and lots of other high-end open source tools.

(I sound like a commercial. :p)
I think Inkscape is more forward to vector designs which in turn you can then enhance with Gimp. I have used this softwares before but since I am still learning how to design and tutorials are not that much abundant for Inkscape and Gimp (correct me if Im wrong, maybe I just havent searched further), I went for Photoshop where there are much more tutorials which definitely helped me create professional looking designs, which then I could not do again without those tutorials.
When creating a new site I always use Inkscape to make a quick mockup. I'm not a graphic designer but I find Inkscape very easy to use. At least it is for the basic stuff I do.

I also have seen people creating awesome things with Inkscape. It's great to have a free tool that can compete with Adobe Illustrator.
It's great to have a free tool that can compete with Adobe Illustrator.

Yeah, it is pretty crazy that a free program can be almost the equal of Adobe Illustrator. I use both Inkscape and Illustrator and I actually find Inkscape easier to use and more friendly for the beginner to vector graphics. Illustrator is better if you are planning to do lots of printing, but for web design (which I assume most people on this forum do) Inkscape is more than proficient. Has anyone been asked to design a company's logo? It is a very good program for that.
I love inkscape! I'd like to learn graphic design via computer, but don't know where to start. That being said, I'm an artist and learned how to hand draw logos for sites and I use inkscape to clean them up and turn them into a vector. It's an invaluable program and I don't know what I'd do without it.