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How to create an OTT apps for your brand?


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OTT apps have served to be the best vehicle in terms of driving revenue growth for broadcasters or content creators where content variables like on-demand videos, live streams are showcased to your audience’s laptop, smartphone, connected TV, etc.

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Thanks for sharing this opportunity for all of us to take part in learning it. I have also been watching YouTube videos on how do master this too and it's been very helpful too.


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If your brand wants to create an OTT app, it should follow certain steps.
1). Choose the right project structure and platform:
a). For a start, you should decide on the type of project you want to develop. There are mainly two types, SaaS (software as a service) and F2P (free-to-play).
b). Due to different features and security challenges, each platform provides a better fit for your application.
c) Selecting the right platform for your project is strongly recommended.
2). Choose a suitable hosting provider:
a). As we all know, every company has its own hosting provider. But, strangely, most SMEs use their hosting company’s most expensive option. This is due to the so-called “affordability bias.” You see, the cheapest option will always be chosen. In this case, the hosting provider is expensive, and the required infrastructure for your project.
b). There are plenty of free or cheap providers out there who can host your project. If you are not a tech funder, you can use S3/ Digital Ocean/ Google Cloud Platform as self-hosted cloud platforms.
c). Use hosting providers who offer pre-installed dependencies, like PHP 7 LAMP stack or Node 8 + Nginx + MongoDB, etc. We use D Dreamers for our projects, which come with everything in one box, starting from PHP 7 LAMP stack or Node 8 + Nginx + MongoDB. You get dedicated servers with automatic backups and 24/7 support if needed too.