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How to Choose the Right Phone Cover?


New member
Selecting the right phone cover is crucial for safeguarding your device against everyday wear and tear, accidental drops, and scratches. At Zapvi, Shop now, we understand the significance of choosing the perfect iPhone 11 back cover that meets your needs while reflecting your style preferences.

Firstly, consider the level of protection you require. If you lead an active lifestyle or work in environments prone to accidents, opt for a mobile back cover with robust shock-absorbing properties like silicone or TPU. These materials provide excellent cushioning against impacts, minimizing the risk of damage to your iPhone 11.

Next, evaluate the design and functionality of the phone cover. Choose a cover that offers easy access to ports, buttons, and cameras, ensuring convenience in everyday usage. Additionally, consider features like raised edges around the screen and camera lens to provide extra protection against scratches and cracks.

Style is another essential factor to consider when selecting a phone cover. Whether you prefer minimalist designs, vibrant colors, or intricate patterns, Zapvi offers a diverse range of options to suit every taste and preference. Opt for a iPhone 11 back cover that complements your personal style while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your iPhone 11.

Lastly, consider additional features such as wireless charging compatibility and compatibility with screen protectors when choosing a phone cover.

In conclusion, selecting the right phone cover requires careful consideration of factors like protection level, design, material, and functionality. Explore the diverse range of iPhone 11 back covers available at Zapvi, Shop now, and find the perfect combination of style and functionality to suit your needs.​