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Hi I'm Fabian


New member
I'm Fabian and I want to learn HTML so I can build websites the hard way. I've used WordPress and other website builders but want to design my own website without the footprint those common software builders have.

To start with I wanted an editor with 2 panes where I could write up the code in the left-hand pane and see what it looks like in the right-hand pane, Is there such an editor, and btw it needs to be OpenSource as I'm 80 and on a pension?

Thanks a lot.


Alfred Smith

New member
Yes, Fabian. There is an editor with two panes that you can use to write HTML code and see how it looks in the right-hand pane. The name of the editor is Visual Studio Code, and it is free for anyone to use. It is free to download and use, and it has a lot of great features like syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and tools for debugging. You can also customize it to better suit your needs. Hope this helps!